Working together to boost your ideas and make real change

Using the Ordinary Guru method, learn how to change the mindset company-wide, and use trust and knowledge sharing to revolutionise how you and your peers work together to solve problems – from an individual to a corporate level.

The Ordinary Guru

Often, we don’t realise that everything we have learned, applied, and used in our life to get us where we are, has great value to other people. It’s the things that can seem ordinary to us, that when combined with the ideas of other people, can become unique and powerful.

When we combine the experience each of us has from working in different companies, our role models, specialist skills, and our personal ups and downs, we automatically provide support and solutions to others as they do for ourselves. The exchange of experiences is a shortcut to greater development and integral to dealing with challenges. The Ordinary Guru approach teaches you how to harness this power, create the space in which to do so, and how to build a toolset from these experiences to use in future situations.

we do this through:

Building good habits and sticking to them

Get into the habit of regular, facilitated meetings that focus on solving problems and boosting ideas collectively.

Use the principles of a MasterMind Group as a starting point for change. Develop good routines that you them feel empowered to share further.

Changing the collective mindset

Lay brand new foundations for the way your team works together. Learn how to celebrate the individual while working collectively. Be creative while being constructive. Support your colleagues. Listen better while having your voice heard. Ask the right questions. Collaborate and learn constantly.

Finding an antidote to Silo Mentality

Identify bottlenecks and unnecessary information blockages throughout the company. Build better communication pathways. Encourage communication and the sharing of information between departments, managers, and people so that the company can thrive. Improve morale, efficiency, and strengthen your company’s values.

Breathing life into your corporate values

Redefine your corporate values and give them worth on every level – from the way the company is seen publicly to what motivates the individual when they start the day. Take your values off the page and make them actionable. Fill words like Integrity, Innovation, Leadership, etc. with actual meaning, allowing you to align what you say and do with your companies ideology. Inspire every member of the organisation by representing them in the company’s values thereby increasing output.

Increasing trust and gain confidence

Build a support system that works well on the good days and excels on the bad. Learn how to ask the hard questions and how to hear the right answers. Know how to meet and deal with change and uncertainty head-on. Create a platform of trust that is based on respect and honesty, not on departmental, personal, or hierarchical position, etc.

What you will learn

The Ordinary Guru project allows you to turn existing and tired structures into support networks where every member is dedicated to helping each other reach the same goals. It redefines working relationships and creates a blank slate where each member can start building new foundations that have integral value for the individual, the whole team and beyond.

How to build foundations

Draw on the wide-ranging expertise of your coaches. As they provide you in-depth learnings from methods as diverse as design thinking, action learning, coaching; you take the elements that suit you most and put them all together to create foundations that truly support you and give you the facility to build anew.

How to generate collective power

Harness the power of questions. Know the right way to ask and the right way to listen. Run regular, facilitated meetings and an evolving agenda to encourage participation and teamwork. Support other participants and motivate each other through a peer-to-peer mentoring system designed to generate mutual support, new ideas, fresh perspectives, and honest feedback. Combine your knowledge, skill sets and experiences to work together to solve problems, reach goals, and raise skills to a new height.

How to find and execute solutions – together

Find strength in vulnerability. A problem shared is a problem solved. Build a safe space where anyone can put a problem on the table and everyone’s problems are taken seriously. Learnt from mistakes. Air frustrations. Ask for help. Acknowledge the weaknesses in the group, so that its strengths can be defined, skills shared and problems solved effectively.

How to harness the power of facilitative leadership

Modern leaders are facilitators and coaches who lead by framing, not by command and control. Provide leadership tools and valid insights, rather than opinions, to get the most out of your team. Lead by example – by doing, rather than demanding. Easily adapt to changing circumstances. Create space to encourage growth – from micro to macro, individual to company-wide, and from idea to execution.

How to use the learnings to develop universal tools

Gain insight and knowledge that speaks directly to you and your team’s needs. Identify and assemble new methods and skills by exploring best practices used by other companies and methodologies, using real-life case studies, investigating scenarios, and drawing from established templates. Personalise and apply these new tools and approaches to provide your team with the expertise to deliver better results.

What you will gain

The sense of community that you get from being part of such a team gives you new confidence to push through challenges and the inspiration to develop and grow. Just knowing that your teammates have your back can completely revolutionize your everyday mental attitude for the better, both personally and professionally.

The support that is shared comes from an understanding of what kind of obstacles often stand in the way of goals being met. This removes individuals from feeling isolated and can help build more efficient processes.

The Ordinary Guru project can also expand your network, provide invaluable insight into how to solve wider issues (communication processes, etc.) and can provide excellent opportunities for collaborations and cross-promotion.

How it works

The Ordinary Guru approach is different from a traditional MasterMind group. In our role as facilitators, we prefer not to remain silent and will actively support you. We do not limit our role to just managing the group process, but also offer engaged mentoring and consultation whenever the situation calls for it. We believe in learning by doing, and will be working alongside you during the process as you set-up and develop your group to help optimise the environment and provide you with the best tools moving forward.

At the end of the course, participants will have the facilities to continue sessions with the group independent of your coach. As regular meetings become routine and a force of habit, the group will continue to employ the learnings and tools built and discovered to solve problems, boost their ideas, and effect positive change.