Business therapy

As we face this new day it’s clear that business as usual is going to be unusual

I’ve never thought I will use ordinary guru method for redefining my own company so soon to focus on what is really needed now - the business therapy.

Why business needs therapy? There is a cloud of uncertainty, which leads to a panic and a sense of helplessness for many people. COVID-19 is bringing high level of emotional distress to every business.

To reduce the immediate impact of the outbreak, the foremost step must be to focus on the emotional health of the individuals, teams, and entire companies.

Business planning and execution in the era of CVOID-19 needs to make a turn and concentrate on combating anxieties, frustrations and many difficult emotions amongst its employees

We need to fully recover from unexpected difficulties caused by COVID-19 because another big challenge is getting closer. It is important to develop resilience and get ready for upcoming economic crisis, when high performance pressure will be more present than before.

The very lack of a recovery period is dramatically holding back our collective ability to be resilient and successful.

So don’t wait till you feel overwhelmed and exhausted.

Reduce emotional distress and enhance resilience to be your best when it matters most. Sign up for business therapy one on one online sessions. It’s deeper than coaching but less intensive than psychological therapy

Choose the most useful topics or go for all. If you prefer team workshop, just let me know and we will design it together.

Business Therapy topics

  • Understanding COVID-19 reality
  • How to make clear decisions when everything is constantly changing?
  • Understanding psychological phenomena that cause strong emotions and gaining immunity to them.
  • How to achieve stability in volatile environment?
  • How to overcome fear for becoming infected?
  • What to do when old strategies are not working anymore?
  • Phases of facing new reality
  • How to face business breakdown?
  • How to deal with COVID-19 reality?
  • How to deal with emotional distress when facing hard decisions (firing people, closing company, you are being fired, your close ones lost their job)?
  • How to support myself and others?
  • How to look for a new job?
  • How to manage stress, fear, frustrations and many more?
  • How to maintain resilience and cope with post pandemic times?
  • How to deal with long term isolation and home office?
  • How to face upcoming economic crisis and high performance pressure?
  • How to support your business or career?
  • And when it’s finally all over! How to get back to reality?

So let’s talk and tell me what you need. You can check my full bio, but be sure that 10 years of working internationally as a business consultant, coach and psychologist, practitioner in ACT therapy model makes me a good business therapy partner for you.

see you soon

Kasia Krolak